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Meta Mbaye shares video holding new boyfriend’s hand
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Meta Mbaye shares video holding new boyfriend’s hand

Meta Mbye isn’t hiding her love for her new boyfriend. The sprouting entrepreneur made the relationship official last week when she posted a video on TikTok of herself holding hands with him.

In the video, they were in a car as they clasped hands. Meta had her nails manicured, but her boyfriend’s hand was not in clear view.

She disclosed in the caption that they were at the Coco Ocean Resort and Spa in Bijil for a “princess treatment”. More than 3,500 of her followers liked the video. One of them jokingly commented: “Which minister or director’s face are you hiding?”

Another follower attacked meta for not showing the boyfriend’s face to the public. He wrote: “Girls can be weird. You take them out, they take pictures, videos and then exclude you who paid the bills.”

But TikTok user Pretty Time wasn’t happy with some of Meta’s followers after surfing through the comments. She commented: “You guys should stop harassing her. She hasn’t done anything wrong. Let her enjoy her life in peace.”

The sprouting entrepreneur's elder sister, Saianabou Mbye is still remanded at the Mile 2 prison over the death of her nephew, who was left in a hot car for several hours. If found guilty, she might spend many years in prison.

One of Meta’s followers wrote: "You remind me of your sister. May God protect her and guide her.”

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