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OPEN LETTER TO TOUMA NJIE: All the truth defenders are with you!
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OPEN LETTER TO TOUMA NJIE: All the truth defenders are with you!

All beings are born but not all are born to be great. Greatness and boldness to stand for TRUTH are rare qualities seen among the human race. Hence, you got such a quality, I took a standing ovation to say; THANK YOU!!

There is no need to share the same roof with a liar and his surrogate(s). A liar is always a liar even if he graduates from Oxford University more so the one who could not finish his degree program. Only if a degree was to lie probably some will graduate with Suma Cum Laude.

Hon. Touma, Thank You for defending the truth even though that truth had sent you out of a chamber where we expect equity, neutrality and impartiality to prevail at all times. Though not a surprise to see the opposite of all I mentioned above.

Hon. Touma, we heard your voice, and we also heard the voice of a coercive leader. But Hon. what makes me surprised about him, he still maintains his dictatorial tone and could shout at the top of his voice with pride and arrogance even after 22-plus years of such a lifestyle. It could be vividly seen in his demeanor, posture and gesture like a man who owns the building or protecting it for his godfather.

Hon. Touma, I know you must be proud walking majestically out of that chamber with no regrets because the man who sends you out is known for decades as a boot licker talkless of his subordinate. These men are not concerned about AKI much more about the children that lost their beautiful souls.

This emergency or extraordinary meeting you held is a National Concern, but do they care about National issues? History books recorded their names down in 2016 and I hope Hon. Touma you can still remember that. Least we forget so soon what these men are very good at. Therefore Hon. Touma, always walk head high and be proud of yourself for waking out of that building chamber we call National Assembly.

I wish others had walked out with you and leave the chairs and microphones to be swallowed by the leader and his boot licker, LAIR. So is the only solution to the hungry wolves and the master they serve at its best.

Finally, hats off for walking out of the chamber, a chamber that is losing, on a daily basis, its significance in public space.

Hon. Fatoumatta Njie, if I were in that chamber I will be guilty seeing you walking down the Isle alone. I would be by your side, walking shoulder by shoulder, foot by foot till we close the door behind us and hears no praise singing of a minister who should have excused himself from office long since.

Hon. Touma I pray that Almighty Lord continues to guide and guard you at all times. I promise you are not alone in this. All Truth defenders are with you. Even the pretender who seconded the motion knows Truth Shall Last and Prevail over Falsehood. Therefore be patient Hon. VICTORY FOR TRUTH is a painful fight that Must be WON.

Concern Citizen

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