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OPINION: Let’s give our elders the respect they deserve
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OPINION: Let’s give our elders the respect they deserve

Today, if you walk into any public establishments including banks, medical clinics, immigration, licensing departments, GRA offices as well as car parks and markets, you see young people struggling with the elders in the queues for urgent services.

This type of insolent behavior toward the older generation in our society is an indication that we don't appreciate the excellent services that these people have done for our nation.

In neighboring Senegal, there are specialized designated areas for the elderly. These are referred to as 'troisieme age' and are given priority above others in the delivery of public service whether in the health sector, processing of national documents or at the Banks.

Public companies and banking institutions should include in their CSRs (Corporate Social Responsibility) designated areas exclusively for the provision of quick services to the elderly. CSR is not only about giving out money to society, it should also involve those causes that exemplify human dignity.

It is not a pleasant sight to see old people queuing under the hot sun outside the banking premises in Banjul and the KM waiting for long hours to cash a check or involved in the pushing and pulling outside the immigration offices.

We must learn to respect our elders not only in our homes but in all places outside the homes. They made us what we are today!

Recognizing that elder's rights should be part of nation-building, tells a lot about our country

By Mayu Asku


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