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Road to Divorce? Modou Barrow’s marriage in crises
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Road to Divorce? Modou Barrow’s marriage in crises

Modou Barrow, the first Gambian to play in English Premiership, but the same cannot be said of him at his own household.

The marriage of Modou Barrow and Sanna Satang Yorke is in crises, according to reliable information reaching What’s On-Gambia.

According to Amadou Chune, Sanna’s cousin brother, the couple’s marriage is on the brink of collapse.

“He wants to betray her. The whole family is angry. They had a six year relationship before getting married three years ago.”

Amadou added: “Modou’s parents want him to end the marriage. They even stopped Sanna from coming to the family compound. She was arrested by the Faji Kunda police after ignoring their order. Could you imagine, her nine-month old child was crying at the police station.”

Modou Barrow is the first Gambian to play in the English Premier League, plying his trade at Swansea City Football Club in Wales.

The young footballer, who has become a household name in The Gambia, is trying hard to keep his marriage problems under wraps.

His wife, according to our source, has left the country for Sweden after a string of vicious spats with her in-laws.

“Modou’s step-mum wants him to marry a relative. This is all about money. Before he became a professional footballer they didn’t care about him. It was Sanna’s brother, Pa Sering that was helping Modou,” said Amadou.

Although they live apart now, Modou and Sanna have experienced the best of times together, including the birth of their daughter, Wonto. 


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