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Sure, they’re beautiful, but why are the Fatty girls famous?
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Sure, they’re beautiful, but why are the Fatty girls famous?

If you ask anyone what the Fatty girls are famous for, you’ll probably hear something like “They’re beautiful.” Yes, Gambia’s own Kardashians!

The Gambian society has grown increasingly comfortable with defining a woman primarily in terms of beauty.  Hard to admit, but it seems the most important thing a woman can is BEAUTIFUL.

So why are the Fatty girls popular? Are they good at promoting themselves everywhere and all the time? Have they done something to land themselves on the Gambian celebrity map?

What’s on-Gambia did a little digging to try to figure out why they are the most-talked about family in the country.

The eldest sister, Fatou Fatty was married to James Kujabi. He was a close aide to President Jammeh and was very powerful and influential in State House.

Fatou was driving one of the most beautiful cars in town, with her own private number plate. She was working at the GAMTEL internet café at Westfield. Her marriage to James collapsed after he was sacked by the President and left for the USA to seek refuge.

Awa Fatty is the sister who famously became GRTS’ Fatou Camara’s co-wife. It’s not a secret that the Fatty girls and the GRTS presenter are arch rivals.

 Fatou Camara’s ex-husband’s decision to marry Awa was one of her biggest surprises in life.  She and the Fatty girls exchanged some extremely bitchy comments as they publicly insulted each other via Facebook.

Zainab and Aisha Fatty are also members of the Fatty family. They’re not the type of girls that a peanut seller at the Serre Kunda market can date. They love luxury! Aisha has more than 1,200 followers on Facebook.  One of her followers commented on her picture that the Fattys are one. Another fan wrote: “Natural beauty Aisha do sen mormom marshallah!!!”

In case you don’t know, the Fatty girls are the daughters of the late imam of Tallinding, Saja Fatty. Their mum is originally from North Africa. 

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