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Tanzanian “miracle boy” marries Kiangka woman
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Tanzanian “miracle boy” marries Kiangka woman

The Tanzanian “miracle boy” who converted thousands to Islam has recently married a Kiangka woman, according to information reaching What's On-Gambia.

Sharif-uddin Khalifa was born in Tanzania in 1993 in a Catholic home. But his family disclosed that at the age of 4 months, he started reciting verses in the Quran, without being taught.

One of the countries he visited to deliver a sermon was The Gambia. Thousands thronged the Independence Stadium including senior government officials and members of the Supreme Islamic Council to listen to his sermon.

The miracle boy later withdrew from the limelight after allegations that his story was an elaborate scam to hoodwink Muslims across the globe.

Sheriff-Uddin later moved to The Gambia in 2007 to start a new life. He was "adopted" by a Gambian he met online following the death of his parents.

He described Gambians as “one of the most loving, gentle and caring people in the world.”

"Sheriff-Uddin got married to a Kinagka girl," said our source.

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