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Why is Sarjo Mballow-Barrow hiding?
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Why is Sarjo Mballow-Barrow hiding?

President Adama Barrow's 2nd wife, Sarjo has not been seen in public since Koriteh.

Many Gambians, who keenly follow the First Family, are beginning to wonder why she disappeared from the spotlight.

“Is it true Sarjo Mballow is pregnant and hiding it?” asked one of our followers.

Shortly after the First Family moved into the State House, photos of her emerged online, in which she looked a little more filled out sparking rumours that she might be pregnant. But after a few weeks, the rumours died down.

When What’s On-Gambia asked a State House insider what Sarjo is hiding away from, she refused to comment saying: “I don’t know!”

With her husband’s intention to form a political party, we don’t think she can hide away for much longer.


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