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Wiri Wiri cast set to thrill Gambian fans
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Wiri Wiri cast set to thrill Gambian fans

The most popular drama series to ever appear on Senegalese TV, Wiri Wiri is on its way to a Gambian stage at the famous Pancha Mi Hall on the 12th May.

The main organizer, Waka J told What’s On-Gambia: “It is going to be a very big event. The production team is working round to clock to make sure there is no single mistake on that day.”

The Wiri Wiri cast are now household names in both Senegal and The Gambia. According to media reports, it is the most watched drama series to ever emerge in Senegambia.

“They will perform some of the episodes on the stage,” said Waka, who is widely considered to be one of the most talented event organisers in the country.

The cast are expected to arrive in the country on the 10th May. And they are expected to meet some government officials in the Ministry of Youths and Culture.

The side attractions during their Gambian debut will be a special Tanabirr with Sheik Fall and performances by Gambian artists.


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