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Ya Ida Jallow tells Barrow: We don’t need mosques!
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Ya Ida Jallow tells Barrow: We don’t need mosques!

After news emerged that President Adama Barrow is planning to build sixty mosques across the country, one of his most outspoken critics in the Diaspora, Ya Ida Jallow has renewed her attack on him.

In a Facebook video, the UK-based political activist said the Gambian leader should stop using Islam as a political instrument.

“Did you see Macky Sall, your godfather, building mosques in Senegal? He dares not to do that. The Senegalese will not let that happen.”

According to Ya Ida, the president should not be allowed to take taxpayers’ money and give to communities to build mosques.

“Why build sixty mosques when there are Gambians, who worked all their lives but can't afford homes. They cannot even afford to buy empty land. They are renting properties that are ridiculously expensive.  Some of them have to rely on relatives in the Diaspora to pay the rent for them.”

More than 10,000 people viewed Ya Ida’s video.

One of her followers, Mariam Faal commented: “What about complete overhaul at EFTH, equipment for the hospital, education, roads within the capital Banjul.”

Faith Cole, a member of the Banjul Christian community, agreed with Ya Ida: “Well having listened to you, I have goose pimples you are simply the best thank you for speaking out for the voiceless people, only Allah will reward you. Amen!”

At a meeting in the North Bank Region, President Barrow revealed he already secured funding for the construction of the sixty mosques across the country.


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