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Young man dies of cancer after arriving in “dream country”
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Young man dies of cancer after arriving in “dream country”

A young man, who recently arrived in Germany in search of better opportunities to lift his family from poverty, has died of cancer.

Alieu Demba was among tens of thousands of Gambian youngsters that risked their life through an irregular migration – back way - to Europe. He travelled through West African countries like Niger before arriving in Libya where he paid smugglers to get him to Europe’s shores.

Alieu died in a hospital in Germany. The doctors told him he has as little as months to live.

UK-based Gambian journalist and political activist, Pa Modou Bojang, who was raising money online for the migrant to return home and seek treatment from traditional healers, disclosed that he died of cancer.

“From Allah we come from and to Him we will return to! We are deeply saddened by the passing out of Alieu Demba in Germany this morning. Alieu Demba has finally succumbed to a rare type of cancer in a hospital in Heidelberg, Germany.”

A devastated Pa Modou added: “We are sending our deep condolences to the bereaved family in The Gambia. We have been trying to raise funds to take him back home to see his mother before his final departure, but man proposes and God decide.”

Plans to repatriate Alieu’s body home are being finalized. 


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