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Brussels Airlines accused of ripping off Gambians
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Brussels Airlines accused of ripping off Gambians

Brussels Airlines has been accused of ripping off Gambians by charging more than D13, 000 for a one-way ticket from Banjul to Dakar.

Former minister Bai-Mass Taal recently tried to book a flight from Dakar only to find out it was going to cost him a lot of money.

He posted a comment on Facebook, where he said: “A revised Senegambia air traffic protocol should be negotiated”.

According to Bai-Mass, who is now the Executive Secretary of the African Ministers' Council on Water, a 20-minute flight shouldn't cost more than D13, 000.

“It’s a 20 mins flight. No competition on this route, thus the rip-off. This lucrative route should have air shuttle 2 to 3x a day.”

More than ten people commented on the post, with most of them echoing the former minister’s frustration.

Lara Ceesay, who works for the United Nations, said: “Bai-Mass, I’ve been saying this for years! Brussels Airlines does have a monopoly on that route and they’re milking Gambians dry.”

One Bai Taal also wrote: “Traveling by air within the continent has never been cheap and or hustle free as compared to other continents. The Banjul/Dakar distance is very short for the finances involved.”

However, one of Bai-Mass’ Facebook friends, Fatoumatta Njie Senghore argued: “Really in all fairness, this money is not going into the airlines coffers. They go into our own coffers. Blame all this on the hostile economic environment. Too many taxes. .Period!”


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