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EXPOSED: Girl claims her father is a sugar daddy!
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EXPOSED: Girl claims her father is a sugar daddy!

Throughout my life, we've been aware of our father's affection for women, often observing him flirting and getting too familiar with our friends and constantly picking up phone calls, secretly. 

As children, we accepted it, but as adults, we find his behavior embarrassing and distressing. Though we feel powerless to change it, we're now considering addressing our concerns with him.

Despite his limited impact on our lives and success, we've always respected and held onto our father. However, as he nears 60, things have taken a concerning turn, and he has become a sugar daddy to younger girls. I mean 20 year olds. And these kids keep sending him naked pictures of themselves whilst he shower them with money. 

Looking at our father has become difficult for some, especially my sisters and me. The concern is that social media's risks may expose him to potential blackmail by these individuals in the future.

Given the cultural context in Gambia, it's challenging to speak to our parents in a certain manner. However, I'm seeking guidance on whether we should discuss our concerns with our father, making him aware of how his behavior impacts us, or if it's better to leave the situation alone due to the familial relationship. We appreciate any advice your followers might share on this matter.

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