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INTERVIEW: Gambia’s Isatou “Aysha” Jones is the founder of Black Lives Matter Sweden
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INTERVIEW: Gambia’s Isatou “Aysha” Jones is the founder of Black Lives Matter Sweden

Isatou Aysha Jones is the founder and coordinator of Black Lives Matter Sweden - a movement that seeks to highlight racism, discrimination, and racial inequality faced by black people.

In this interview, she tells us more about herself and her movement, which is becoming increasingly popular in Scandinavia. 

What's On-Gambia: Were you born and raised in Sweden?

Isatou: No. I am a proud Banjul-born who came to Sweden when I was two years old. 

What's your professional and educational background?

I’m a marketing and PR manager, which is what I studied at what we call “yrkeshögskola” in Sweden. It’s not college but also not university.

I’ve also taken a class in entrepreneurship in emerging economies at Harvard University. As well as holding several diplomas in the beauty industry such as makeup artist, nail technician, eyelash artist and more.

I love studying and I try to learn something new every year. However, since last year, I haven’t been able to enroll in studies as I'm still recovering from burnout caused by all the stress and anxiety I got from starting Black Lives Matter Sweden. 

Interview INSIDE

Are you an anti-racism activist?

Yes, I am and that's why I founded Black Lives Matter Sweden and also the only  Black Lives Matter in Scandinavia to be officially approved by the original  Black Lives Matter in the USA. 

Is your movement registered in Sweden?

Yes,  it’s a registered organization. 

How many members do you have? 

We’re more of a movement as originally intended by the founders of Black Lives Matter. So we don’t go by members, anyone contributing to the cause and working for the end of racism is and can be a part of the movement. 

Do you have activities?

Many. We have together with other organizations and prominent activists such as Malcolm Momodou Jallow, Afrosvenskarnas Forum for Justice and the Afroswedish organization made various calls for changes.

We organize weekly shows to raise awareness on issues of racism. We participate and organize demonstrations, seminars, and so on.

Please, check our pages on social media, we have done so much that I can't even remember everything.

Is the Gambian community in Sweden supporting your movement?

Yes, many are and I’m very thankful for that! My Gambian sisters are more vocal but the brothers are also supportive. 

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