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Kadie Kadie in trouble over hygiene issues
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Kadie Kadie in trouble over hygiene issues

One of the most famous restaurants in the country, Kadie Kadie was ordered to close one of its kitchens for violating hygiene and health standards on Monday. 

The Kololi restaurant was visited by inspectors from the Food Safety and Quality Authority (FSQA) and was given the worst possible rating for hygiene and cleanliness.  

"The reason for the closure is structural and poor hygiene at the kitchen. There are two kitchens at Kadie Kadie, only one was closed and the other is operational, "said the director general of FSQA, Momodou Bah.  

When asked whether they might consider closing the whole restaurant, he responded: "No. Only one kitchen didn't meet our food hygiene standards. The other is functional and they are using."  

Two restaurants closed  

The FSQA boss also disclosed to What's On-Gambia that two restaurants were closed last week after inspections revealed they were dangerous for clients. 

He said: "Ngerila restaurant in Bakoteh was closed and ordered to restructure the restaurant because the kitchen and toilet are near each other." 

Bah added: "Tanji Beach Restaurant was also closed over poor waste management and unhygienic kitchen." 

The restaurants are expected to reopen if they up their standards and meet FSQA's food hygiene requirements. 

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