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OPINION: Fatous swapped roles as efforts to sell ST concert tickets became desperate
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OPINION: Fatous swapped roles as efforts to sell ST concert tickets became desperate

The fierce rivalry to dominate the media space between the two Fatous over the weekend took a new twist when they swapped roles in executing their duties or lack thereof, in marketing ST’s album launch concert.

It was a role reversal for the former work buddies turned bitter rivals, Fatou Camara and Fatou Touray. Over the years, we have observed grieved personnel swapped the Fatou Network for Kerr Fatou vice versa. Whoever falls out with one Fatou gets poached or willingly moves to the rival outlet just to spit at the other.

Fatou Touray used to do the marketing via her social media handles. Telling folks companies and individuals who bulk-buy tickets for ST concerts and how they will be distributed while Fatou Camara quietly sat in her Relax Waterfront apartment, peeping through the window. This time, though, they involuntarily swapped functions.

For the Fatu Network CEO, this is a personal battle she must go over and above to win. She spent a great deal of her time frantically speed-dialling business associates, individuals lobbying them to bulk-buy tickets. If your artist is the GOAT, either plastic or real, that should not have happened. It appeared coercive and desperate.

When word got to her that critics were saying that ST is incapable of selling out concerts and only relied on patronage from businesses for giveaway tickets, she came up with a rebuttal. She said companies are buying tickets because they want to be associated with the best. Fatou, don’t insult our collective intelligence. When companies want to be associated with an event, they will sign a sponsorship deal and pay up. This entitles them to giveaway tickets to pass on to their customers. In return, they will have their boards, and banners displayed at the event. 

What happened was desperate calls to individuals and businesses to buy tickets just to come up with a faux ‘history made’ headline. It is a fact that some bought tickets voluntarily, most were literally lobbied or coerced.

Her weakest defense line was “No business likes taking risks”. Apparently, Fatou does not know that business is synonymous with risk. She probably never heard of the phrase “the higher the risk, the higher the potential reward” or “risk management”. Most businesses, especially financial institutions, have a risk management department. She was seemingly having a pop at other artists calling them mediocrity, but the artist she was promoting his event isn’t any better. They are all in the same boat.

That’s why I find the GOAT debate premature and unnecessary. None of the current crop of musicians should be part of the debate, they haven’t proven themselves yet. Imagine telling a non-Gambian friend that our GOAT in music doesn’t have a fully staffed band, can’t do a live band, and only does playback. Wouldn’t you be laughed at?

Another point worth mentioning is individual and bulk purchases. In music, the count to meet the threshold for silver, gold, or platinum certification doesn’t include bulk or wholesale purchases. Only retail purchases are counted because music executives do not want the process to be corrupted. If not, a musician can use proxies or his/her sponsors to buy thousands of his/her album for a giveaway to fans, just to dubiously earn a platinum. You see why retail sales are important in music.

About ST fans

The average ST fan has a militant personality; that’s why I couldn’t resist the urge to have a dig at them. Everybody must submit to their wishes or risk being tagged a tribalist. They did it to many people, but only the weak would succumb to their blackmail. They see everything from the prism tribe.

By Saul Sarr


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