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OPIONION: Are we all becoming very self-centered?
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OPIONION: Are we all becoming very self-centered?

How did our country come to this point? A nation that doesn't recognize its own citizen anymore, all the bonds that kept us together has been broken today, all in the name of greed. We have been brainwashed into thinking that our culture is some barbarian lifestyle. People born in Africa don't want to be associated with their own culture.

I wonder what will the likes of Thomas Sankara, Kwame Nkurumah, Mandela, and others say to this generation of ours.

We as a generation are a disgrace to our ancestors, those people fought and died so that we could live in dignity! We submit ourselves to European countries' dinner tables like slaughtered chicken.

We have become a negatively driven people, self-centered and hypocritical. Especially in The Gambia where you would see:

No one wants their son or daughter to be a teacher, soldier, police, or any other job that has low pay or high risk but you want someone else, daughter or son, to do it.

We have become so intoxicated with negativity that anything we hear about we share, werr sutura jamburr rek.

We have marabouts who boast about their powers and for centuries can't even build a bicycle but they can damage the one trying to build a bicycle. A knowledge which sole purpose is to destroy should have never existed in the first place.

Honesty, principle, integrity, etc - I have always thought is what makes a leader but not our politicians today. Who will serve you (citizens) to the highest bidder (Europeans, Chinese and Indians) for kickbacks all the while trying to convince you that you are not being auctioned?

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