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Parliamentary candidate’s mum dies days before his nomination
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Parliamentary candidate’s mum dies days before his nomination

What was supposed to be his happiest day since joining politics has been marred by tragedy.

Papa Tunkara, GDC candidate for Illiasa Constituency in next month’s National Assembly election, lost his mother just a few days before his nomination at the IEC’s headquarter in Kerewan, North Bank Region (NBR).

He wrote on Facebook a few hours after his nomination was accepted: “I have been nominated as the GDC candidate for the Illiasa constituency in the upcoming parliamentary election.

“First, I would like to thank you all for your most sincere condolences and prayers for my deceased mum. Her body was laid to rest last Monday and we pray that Allah grant her Jannahal Firdaws!

“Regarding the state of my candidacy, I am thrilled beyond measure by the huge support I continue to receive from the people within and outside of our constituency. You have all given me enough reasons to believe that we can collectively revive our already-ruined constituency.”

One of Tunkara’s ardent supporters – her younger sister, Fatou Mundaw – also took to Facebook: “I am writing with mix feelings, for the fact that we lost our mum and at the same time excited that our brother has been nominated as a candidate for GDC party for Illiansa constituency (NBR).

“Mum should really have been here to enjoy the joyous moment, but God knows the best to why he does so.”

According to her, the GDC candidate is the “choice of the constituency, because he contributed immensely towards sports and community development.”

Papa Tunkara is a newbie in Gambian politics, but his supporters are convinced that he would emerge victories next month.


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