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Here are the top 10 most influential Gambians
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Here are the top 10 most influential Gambians

Here are What’s On-Gambia’s top 10 most influential Gambians:

Lawyer Ousainou Darboe

He is widely believed to be the country’s de facto president. Lawyer Darboe is the leader of the United Democratic Party – the biggest party in the National Assembly.

Yahya Jammeh

He is the former president. Although Jammeh lives in exile in Equatorial Guinea, he is still influential.  His party won five seats in the recently held National Assembly elections.

Adama Barrow

Barrow is the current president. He was virtually unknown before last year’s presidential election.

Halifa Sallah

The PDOIS leader is widely loved for his intelligence, grace, compassion and eloquence. Halifa is the National Assembly member for Serre Kunda.

Mamma Kandeh

He is the leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress. Mamma is a likeable and charismatic politician.

Aja Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang

She was very instrumental in the formation of the opposition coalition. Tambajang is the Minister for Women Affairs and also overseeing the Office of the Vice President.

Fatou Camara

Fatou is the most followed journalist on social media. She played a significant role in bringing an end to Jammeh’s 22-year rule.

Pa Nderry Mbye

He is the owner of Freedom Newspaper and Freedom Radio. Pa Nderry is arguably the most tenacious journalist to ever emerge in The Gambia.

Hon. Mai Fatty

Mai is the Minister for Interior.  Although his party, Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) didn’t win any seat in the NA elections, Mai is considered to be a “powerful minister”.

Alieu Mamor Njie

He is the chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission.


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